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What is cartographeum?
Cartographeum is a multi-zone blockchain running on specialized Proof of Location system (called GPS blockchain) combined with GPS data from dApps. Specially dApps will be integrated in GPS devices to connecting and verifying data into the blockchain. The GPS blockchain is automatically and dynamically managed by Proof of Location automatism and GPS-protection for load distribution, fraud detection and network operations. Cartographeum blockchain guarantees 100% verified transmission of any GPS signals (=blockchain proofed GPS).

Blockchain-proofed GPS data is a 100% verified and secure GPS signal from dApp integrated GPS device or vehicle.

The blockchain data would store environmental information received from the GPS. It is designed to act as a failsafe to prevent planes, ships or driving vehicles to wrong GPS data (e.g. GPS spoofing). The system can be applied to any type of vehicle, both manned and unmanned.

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March: 1 ETH = 5’000 CARTO + 30% Bonus = 6’500 CARTO
April 1 ETH = 5’000 CARTO + 25% Bonus = 6’250 CARTO
May: 1 ETH = 5’000 CARTO + 20% Bonus = 6’000 CARTO
June: 1 ETH = 5’000 CARTO + 15% Bonus = 5’750 CARTO
July: 1 ETH = 5’000 CARTO + 10% Bonus = 5’500 CARTO
September: 1 ETH = 5’000 CARTO + 5% Bonus = 5’250 CARTO

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Cryptography provides the security for the network and allows for verifiability and ownership of GPS data transactions.

Smart Contracts permits trusted peer to peer transactions between community members and allows interactions to be enriched.

Decentralized Network ensures all GPS devices and systems have access to the same communication channels.

GPS blockchain? How it works? Solution by cartographeum Germany:


In summary: Proof of Location disables Spoofing, i.e deceive a GPS receiver by broadcasting incorrect GPS signals.

GPS signal data protection – secure safing of personal GPS data on blockchain.

Historical GPS Data – The system maintains all historic event data. Vehicle locations and the date/time are recorded. Use event data to quickly clarify customer inquires and have more efficient and effective billing.

Route Optimization – Improves fuel economy, scheduling, efficiency, increases
your company’s revenue and will enhance your customer’s satisfaction level. Route optimization using Blockchain provides sophisticated yet robust reporting.

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Useful integration of blockchain-proofed GPS data

  • taxi services & car sharing
  • logistics; track & trace
  • air planes; protect in-flight GPS receivers
  • GPS protected items
  • military
  • mobile phones
  • drones
  • apps (augmented reality games)




We are looking for two new team member in April 2018. Searching for Front- and Backend Developer.