StackPro: Six Passive Income Streams For Financial Independence

The decentralized finance (DeFi) revolution has opened up a whole new world to users who have been deprived of returns for decades in traditional finance. DeFi offers many opportunities for passive income generation because its platforms, protocols, and exchanges constantly evolve. However, this new testing ground has its challenges and must be navigated with caution. 

Introducing StackPro

With DeFi, you can easily earn a passive income by putting your money into a platform or protocol that pays you an annual percentage yield. Most of the industrialized world now has practically no interest rates because central banks have created so much money over the past decade. Nevertheless, this is the same thing as depositing cash in a savings account at a bank.

One such emerging platform is StackPro.  StackPro offers users an APY of 200,000%, up to 3.02% interest daily, to help them better understand DeFi. This implies that if the price maintains the rebase benefits, you could transform a $1000 investment into $2 Million in only 12 months.

What sets StackPro apart from its competitors?

By leveraging DeFi 3.0 multichain farming, StackPro keeps the platform’s price floor in check by expanding LIC exponentially at around 100% a year or more. On top of the platform’s fundamental principles, StackPro also uses protocol-owned liquidity (POL). For any transaction using the platform’s native token, $SPRO, 1% of the transaction fees will be incinerated. Therefore, StackPro tokens develop a real supply-demand meter as their user bases diminish over time.

Among other things, this platform stands out in the following ways:

  • Low risk with the StackPro insurance
  • Easy and safe staking
  • Live NFT Marketplace
  • Interest yield with automatic payments
  • Highest fixed APY
  • Rapid interest payments
  • Auto token Burn
  • BUSD Rewards
  • BNB Rewards


No Rug Pull

The liquidity will be locked for 13.5 years with the help of PinkSale, a reputable company. These are resources that are not touchable or releaseable. As token holders, users will always be able to buy and sell their tokens whenever they want without any limitations or problems – the tokens they purchase are always theirs and won’t be locked.

Hourly Biggest Buyer Auto BNB rewards

The largest buyer of the day is automatically rewarded with BNB at the end of each hour by StackPro, which takes a portion of trading fees every day for eternity. This will motivate consumers to compete by making a large daily purchase to get a sizeable hourly prize.

Effortless Auto-staking

Tokens no longer need to be relocated. Instead of staking, StackPro lets you stake directly from your wallet. As soon as you purchase StackPro, your coins are staked, and you will start receiving Rebase rewards.

No extra Mint Or Hidden Tokens

The $SPRO smart contract cannot create more tokens, and the supply cannot be deliberately boosted or artificially altered by giving ourselves free tokens. There are only 50,000 tokens available at launch (please see the breakdown above).

Future Aspect of StackPro

In the fourth quarter of 2022, StackPro anticipates launching a Swap and NFT marketplace on the AVAX Chain. In order to gain traction and spread the word, the platform plans to launch influencer and social media marketing campaigns. As the year ends, Merge partnerships and team expansion will also be part of the platform’s roadmap. AVAX and ETH will be the platforms’ primary focus in the first and second quarters of 2023, with continuous marketing efforts. It is anticipated that StackPro will develop and launch apps for Android and iOS in Q2 of 2023.